Why Is God So Unfair | Why Does God Dislike Me?

Think about it Why Is God So Unfair? Are there instances where God appears to favor despicable people while allowing the innocent to suffer, to put it another way? From our vantage point, it is unfair that God would permit a criminal to have a long and healthy life while allowing a darling kid to get a fatal illness. Where is the kind and equitable God that we long for?

We battle what is “due us” every day. Isn’t God supposed to provide us with a nice life if we put in the effort and behave honorably? When our kids behave well, we reward them, and when they don’t, we discipline them. Bildad, a less than sympathetic friend of Job, thought that God had been “fair” in punishing His servant Job and would be “fair” in rewarding a life of righteousness.

The prophet Habakkuk questioned whether it was “fair” for God to punish the more upright Chaldeans by employing them. The issue is that we are unaware of how frequently we fall short of goodness in our daily lives. We want God to bestow a perfect “reward” or blessing despite the fact that we are not perfect and never will be. We would all be subject to judgment if God were “fair” (balanced with an eye for an eye). All people have sinned and fallen short of God’s ideal.

Is God Unfair To Us In Our Challenges Every Day?

Why is God unjust toward our daily sufferings—possibly even deaf or blind? While they were held as slaves in Egypt, the children of Israel wept. With God’s blessing, a devoted Job endured the loss of his possessions, his loved ones, and his health. What about those Christ-followers who still endure torture and martyrdom because of their faith? Why doesn’t God shield them—His loyal children—from harm? What — good deeds, generous gifts, selfless deeds, long hours of prayer, a vow of poverty — exempts us from suffering? The list continues.

God would be impersonal and aloof if He were truly “fair” in man’s eyes. He alone judges us since He is the earth’s only judge. The workers who toiled all day long in Jesus’ parable of the vineyard workers were paid the same as those who simply worked the last hour.

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Why Does God Dislike Me?

It’s a sad fact that some of the most frequently asked inquiries concerning God are along the lines of, “Why does God hate me?” or “Why was I made this way by God?”

These are all painful and depressing questions, the last two in particular. So many people experience self-consciousness and unlovability. They logically turn to God and inquire as to why, if He is truly a wonderful and powerful Creator, He would make them a target of oppression.

No human being can actually attempt to answer such complex questions satisfactorily, but if you have such inquiries, we can attempt to throw some light.

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that when you experience rejection, ostracism, or oppression, these things are not indicative of God’s workings. The human race’s schemes have led to these emotions.

Everything good comes from God. The wicked nature of humans is the cause of all that is terrible and incorrect in this world. That’s why people think Why Is God So Unfair? This is a wide idea that may be challenging for some people to grasp, particularly if they believe they were given any disadvantage.

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