Restaurants In Rajouri Garden With Live Music: Best Restaurants

Rajouri Garden is a place in Delhi, the capital of India. It is located on the west side of Delhi, near the Nehru market. Rajouri Garden residents are mostly Punjabi people. It has a good marketplace and is one of the famous marketing places in New Delhi. There are numerous restaurants, café, lounges, bars, etc. in Rajouri garden where you can visit with your friends as well as family. There are also restaurants in Rajouri garden with live music organized by café and restaurants themselves. You can experience a piece of world-class music and entertainment from this restaurant in Rajouri’s garden live music.

Romantic Café In Rajouri Garden

If you are thinking of taking out your partner on a romantic date in the areas near Rajouri garden. Then, you can really get a great help from this article. There are a lot of Romantic cafés in Rajouri garden, but, selecting a good restaurant in Rajouri garden is but difficult task. If you sit and check every restaurant and café details, then, it will take a long time. Instead, you can check our list of Romantic café in Rajouri garden. These restaurants are one of the best romantic cafés in Rajouri Garden to go with your partner for a romantic date. Here is the list of a few of them.

DutyFree | Vayu Bar

This is one of the romantic café in Rajouri garden. This café is so beautifully designed that you will fall in love with the design and decoration. Not only decoration, but also, the place offers plenty of good food items. It has good range of menus which you can enjoy with your partner. The average cost you can have for two persons is approximately about ₹1500, which is worth enough. You must try this café once. This is properly located at Duty Free – C-10, Upper Ground Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden.

Duty Free Google Map Location:

Boom Box Café Reloaded

If you want to go for an intimidating date with your partner, then, this place is one of the best to visit. It has good interior and has a boom box setup where you can get drinks. The lighting is dim and makes this place romantic and is worth visiting as couple. The average cost you will get for two people is around ₹1200. This café gives you a wonderful experience of romantic dates. The proper venue of this boombox café reloaded is Boombox Café Reloaded – C-10, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden.

Boom Box Cafe Reloaded Google Map Location: Nearest Metro Station Rajouri Garden

Good Restaurants In Rajouri Garden

If you are at any place, then, it is very tough work to search about new and better places to hang out. People usually go with the ratings of restaurants, but not always, you can have a good searched places. Finding a good restaurant in your area is difficult as trying every restaurant and café around yourself is not pocket-friendly as well as time-consuming. If you want to find quite good restaurants in Rajouri garden. Then, here is the list of few good restaurants and romantic café in Rajouri garden which you can explore out with your friends or family.

Melodrama Morden Bistro

This is one of the finest restaurants in Rajouri Garden. The lighting effects and interior is so well-designed and makes it one of the good restaurants of Rajouri garden. Not only that, it has menu that has food items which taste so delicious. You can visit here with your friends and family. You can go here for date nights. Coming to the cost, you can get average bill of ₹1200 for two persons. The venue is located at Mealodrama Modern Bistro—A-6, 2nd Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden.

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Tippling Street

Tippling Street one of the cost and best restaurant to go in Rajouri garden. Its decoration gives a new experience and changes your mood so easily. It is one of the good restaurants in Rajouri garden to dine. You can visit with your friends and family and try it’s an awesome menu. The food here also tastes so delicious. The average you will get for two people is around ₹1600. It is located at Tippling Street – A-12, Vishal Enclave, Opposite Metro Pillar 408, Rajouri Garden.

Live music restaurants In Delhi

Do you like live music? Or, are you looking for a café or restaurant with a live music and Romantic lights. Nowadays, restaurant has came up with an awesome idea of having live music. Music always lights up the mood and gives a romantic closer to the people hanging out there. If you are planning to go for a date in live music restaurant in Delhi, then, you must check our list out places. Here is list of some best live music restaurant in Delhi where you can take your partner and have good quality time. Check the list of these fancy live music restaurant in Delhi.

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Jazbaa bar and lounge

It is located at F-89, opposite TDI Paragon Mall, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027.

It is one of the best live music restaurant in Rajouri garden where you can visit. It is the coolest place to go for date with your partner. You can get very new and romantic experience over here. The menu has many varieties and average cost you will have for two people is approximately ₹1600. The soft music playing in the background makes this place so beautiful.


This is one of the romantic place in Rajouri garden where you can visit with your partner. Its decoration is so romantic and soft background live music makes it so beautiful and perfect. Its menu has many varieties. The average cost for two people is around ₹3600. The location of this restaurant is J198, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027.

Music is always one of the best things to have playing in the background when you are with your partner, friends, or family. Restaurants having the option of live music and concerts inside is one of the best experiences you can have while dining. The above article comprises the list of restaurants in Rajouri Garden with live music. There are many good restaurants in Rajouri garden that you should definitely explore. Rajouri Garden is rich in restaurants and markets. If you ever tour Delhi, then, Rajouri garden is a worth visiting place in New Delhi with its large variations in different kinds of restaurants.

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